Founded in 2005, JA Biotech is a professional and leading company in the developing and manufacturing of high-quality hydrogel materials in china. Powered by its leading patents and know-how, as well as its outstanding R&D ability and qualified facilities , JA has contributed many   hydrogel products for medical use and favored millions of patients in china. The products are mainly used in the field of medical care, drug carriers,beauty and health. According to the report from Chinese market research, JA takes the biggest market share in this field in china domestic market.
After seven years of development, JA Biotech has established a complete system of R&D, production and quality. Situated in Changchun High-Tech Development Zone, the total construction area is 2800㎡, including class 100000 clean room, class 300000 clean room ,inspection room,laboratory and several production line. Annual capacity is ten million pieces.As fully integrated manufacturer, marketer and supplier of a complete line of products for wound and skin care, we have full lines of products in the following categories: Burn Caring, Eye Caring,Ice Caring and Scar Caring. These products have been successfully applied to one million cases, they relieve the patients’ pain great to a great extent and improve their life quality. We are committed to fulfilling customer requirements, continuing to innovate, providing high quality, perfect products.

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